Reliable and Safe Pet Boarding Services in Topeka, KS

At Companion Animal Clinic, we understand the importance of finding a reliable and safe boarding facility for your beloved pet when you leave town. Our hospital offers comfortable and secure facilities where your pets can relax and receive the care they need while you’re away.

Why Choose Companion Animal Clinic for Pet Boarding Services?

At Companion Animal Clinic, we go the extra mile to provide exceptional boarding services for pets in our community. Here’s why pet owners trust us with their pets:

Spacious and Comfortable Crates

  • Each pet is provided with a crate appropriate for their size, ensuring their comfort during their stay.
  • We offer individual spaces for pets, but we can also accommodate pet owners who prefer to board their pets together.
  • Upgrade options are available for larger crates, subject to availability.

Medication Administration

  • Pets with specific conditions requiring medication or insulin can receive their medications from our trained staff.
  • Inform our staff about your pet’s medication needs during check-in for proper care.

Regular Exercise

  • We understand the importance of exercise for pets’ well-being and ensure that they receive regular exercise during their stay.
  • Your pet will enjoy at least four exercise sessions per day to help them relax and stay healthy.

On-Site Emergency Medical Treatment

  • With a veterinarian on-site, we can provide immediate medical assistance in case of emergencies.
  • Rest easy knowing that your pets are in the capable hands of a qualified medical professional.

Why Choose our Boarding Facility?

When you board your pet at Companion Animal Clinic, you can enjoy your time away with peace of mind, knowing that your pet is receiving exceptional care from our dedicated team. Pets at Companion Animal Clinic get the chance to interact with other people and animals, promoting socialization and well-being. We prioritize the health of our boarders by providing nutritious food and regular exercise to keep them happy and active.

Contact Companion Animal Clinic Today!

Let us take care of your pet in your absence. Have additional questions? Reach out to us at (479) 770-6300 for further assistance.